Easiest Way to Make Delicious Penne with rocket, garlic and lemon

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  • Oct 14, 2019

Penne with rocket, garlic and lemon. Penne with Roasted Garlic and Lemon Cream What a fun and tasty dish to make. Add the rocket and garlic, and saute both until they just begin to wilt and soften. Lower the heat, add the potato slices and rosemary and toss together for a I cant remember if the original salad was made with pasta or lettuces, but I always make it with penne and serve it cold.

Fresh pesto brilliantly compliments the lemon and garlic flavors of this juicy chicken dinner. Reviews for: Photos of Lemon-Garlic Chicken Penne with Pesto and Spinach. Add rocket, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and salt and pepper. You can cook Penne with rocket, garlic and lemon using 9 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Penne with rocket, garlic and lemon

  1. You need 3 cloves of garlic, peeled and crushed.
  2. It’s of Olive oil.
  3. Prepare of Juice of 1/2 lemon.
  4. You need of Some green olives, chopped.
  5. You need of Red chilli flakes – a generous pinch.
  6. You need 2 handfuls of rocket.
  7. Prepare of Salt and pepper.
  8. Prepare of Pasta – cooked according to the instructions.
  9. Prepare of Parmesan / vegan parmesan if you have some.

Drain pasta and toss with goat cheese mixture. I am a huge garlic fan but the fresh garlic taste in this recipe was overpowering and did not mix well with the other ingredients. I think the flavor would be better if it were sautéed for a few. Prepare penne according to package directions for al dente (just firm).

Penne with rocket, garlic and lemon step by step

  1. Cook your pasta according to the instructions..
  2. Preheat another pan. Drizzle some olive oil in it and sauté the garlic until it starts to turn golden..
  3. Once the pasta is ready, drain – but keep a small amount of pasta water to one side. Add the garlic to the pasta and add the olives, chilli flakes, lemon juice and a splash or two of the pasta water. Mix well. Add the rocket and stir through til just wilted..
  4. Serve into a bowl – season and add some grated parmesan if you have some. Enjoy 😋.

Two to three minutes before penne is ready, add broccoli. Add pasta, broccoli, and lemon zest and cook until coated with sauce. Season generously with salt and pepper. Add vegetables; sprinkle with salt and pepper. Using garlic press, squeeze in garlic.

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