How to Make Delicious Yoghurt desert

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  • Oct 19, 2019

Yoghurt desert. Grapefruit, Lime & Mint Yogurt Parfait. Greek Yogurt Cupcakes with Blackberry Frosting Thanks to the nutritious qualities of our good friend yogurt (low-fat! probiotics! active cultures!), we're inching closer to the elusive healthy-but-tasty dessert.

Combine greek yogurt, honey and peanut. Get your dessert and eat fix in one. All you need to do to make this decadent dessert is Greek yoghurt, chia seeds, oat biscuits, fruits and that's all! You can have Yoghurt desert using 10 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Yoghurt desert

  1. You need 1 cup of flour.
  2. Prepare of Quater cup suger(mixed brown and white).
  3. Prepare 1 of egg.
  4. It’s of Quater cup oil.
  5. Prepare Half of cup plain thick yogart.
  6. Prepare of Lemon zest a little.
  7. You need of juice of half the lemon(used for grating).
  8. Prepare 3 tablespoon of baking powder.
  9. It’s 3 tablespoon of pure orange juice(use as required).
  10. You need 1 tsp of vanila (used thick madagaska vanilla suitable for vegan.

The Best Greek Yogurt Dessert Recipes on Yummly Dessert Pasta With Fruit And Greek Yogurt, Minute Dessert: Small Greek Yogurt With Chestnut And Pomegranate Cream, No Bake Greek Yogurt Dessert (easy Strawberry Desserts) Yogurt Dessert Recipes That Are Incredibly Delicious. Yogurt, with its good-for-you probiotics and fill-you-up protein, is often recommended as a healthy breakfast or snack. Although you need to keep an eye on the amount of sugar that's in your.

Yoghurt desert step by step

  1. Start by preping your dish,by spreading butter all around it..
  2. In a separate bowl,start adding the yogart,lemon zest of half a lemon, the suger, vanila,pinch salt,the juice of half a lemon,the egg and then gently mix all, until suger dissolves(can use a simple hand whisk).meanwhile start heating the oven.
  3. Add the oil and mix,then add flour.mix well.Then lastly add the baking powder..mix to check thickness.if a bit too thick (or maybe too sticky)add the 3 tablespoons of orange juice.if consistancy is thick but pourable then pour into the baking dish.
  4. .
  5. In the oven,check that it is rising and cooking steadily..keep it in until colour changed start being seen..also texture at the middle surface is firming.(it will be done when a skewer or butter knife come out dry/clean once poked in at centre).
  6. Alhamdulillah, the browning at edges,also the surface cracking is some of the good signs it's good to go…take out on a serving platelet cool completely before slicing and serving with custard or plain hot drink of choice.Bismillah and enjoy!.
  7. …Top it up on other deserts!!.

Inspired by the Indian dish called shrikhand, this dessert also makes a great dip for fresh fruit. You can control the thickness by straining the yogurt for a shorter time (for thin) or a longer. Grapefruit, Lime & Mint Yogurt Parfait Why stop with a plain cup of yogurt in the morning? Add fresh grapefruit, honey and a sprig of mint for a light and refreshing breakfast treat (heck—even a dessert!). Not sure which brand of yogurt to buy?

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